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Simple, Tasty AF Valentine’s Day Tuscan Chicken

Y'all. I love to cook, and I especially love to go out to restaurants and eat, BUT we usually skip Valentine's Day out because most restaurants serve a pre-fix menu filled with dishes we can't even enjoy (and don't get me started on the desserts). Plus, V-Day is so dang expensive, I'd rather spend money… Continue reading Simple, Tasty AF Valentine’s Day Tuscan Chicken


Poor Woman’s Pesto – No Nuts!

It's not that I dislike pine nuts. I rather enjoy them. Unfortunately they are super expensive and I will only use them for my pesto while the rest of the bag sits in my cupboard for months. That made me think, do I need those nuts in my pesto - nah...and I was right.The Goods2… Continue reading Poor Woman’s Pesto – No Nuts!