One Luxury. One Week. Give It Up.

I have a challenge for all of you. Think of one luxury you provide for yourself, give it up for one week and donate the money to charity instead. It could be fancy coffee, your weekly pedicure, golf game, shopping at Target in the dollar bins, pressed juice, sushi, happy hour with friends, whatever. I know we always want to give, but sometimes we don’t know what to give or when. This week think of others who don’t have any luxuries and donate to your favorite charity. 

I’m choosing to give up eating out for lunch this week and I will be donating in honor of my talented friend @taurastinson – who is nominated for an Oscar for best song this weekend #mudbound 
Let me know your favorite charity girl and I’m going to donate in your honor. –

#omaginsiders #charity #giveitup#oneluxuryoneweek #give#bekindtooneanother #ocrealmom#helpothers #makeadifference #oscars#taurastinson #academyawards#maryjblige

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