Dairy Free Ice Cream Shop in the OC – Hug Life

Ok, so a LOVELY mom at school this morning was so excited to tell me about a dairy free, ice cream shop in Orange County, not too far from HB. It’s called Hug Life and it’s in Garden Grove. I can’t tell you how jazzed I am to go try this place with my family.

Every time my daughter’s soccer team does something fabulous they go get ice cream. I will never understand a sugary reward after a soccer game, but that’s a whole other post. So we are off to the ice cream shop, but we can’t eat ice cream. Yay. Awesome. My kid’s again feel like they are the only ones who aren’t able to enjoy something simple with their friends. Woo hoo.

I often run to the grocery before the ice cream party to get a tupperware of dairy free ice cream to take to the shop because the only dairy free ice cream they are offering right now is Lime Daiquiri with rum flavoring. What the what? Are they serious? True story BTW.

Hoping the days of feeling bad about a dairy free life are dwindling, and we may have a new favorite ice cream shop to share with our kids. I cannot wait to share more soon!

If you have a chance to go before me, please comment and let me know. I can’t wait to hear all about it. I hear the Mint Chip is delish.

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