Day Fourteen: A Year in the Life of a Real Mom

All moms think their kids are the best human beings on the planet and I’m no different. My kids are awesome. They are the best people I have met and/or created. My kids are thoughtful, courteous, bright, caring and they could show an adult or two how to be more mature. Seriously my kids have manners that could trump like 75% of the alleged grown ups I encounter on a daily basis, and they make Trump look like a Neanderthal.

Tidying up before my cleaning crew came today I came across one last piece of Christmas that hadn’t made it into the plastic bins in my garage.  It reminded me how amazing my daughter is and why I’m so proud of her. She was asked to draw a picture of herself for Christmas and decided to write a note instead.

Scarlett wrote this because we had a talk about how it is more important to give than to receive and she actually listened. She decided to use the money she had earned to buy gifts for members of her family, instead of buying a toy for herself. She is NINE people, NINE!

This has been a shining light during a few weeks of total family bullshit. She reminds me and my husband what goodness looks like and how it can never be taken from you, no matter what. 

I hope this inspires you all to stay true to who you are and remember to be kind. We are all in charge of our happiness, who we spend our time with and how we treat one another. If a nine-year-old can do it, can’t we all?

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