Day Nine & Ten: A Year in the Life of a Real Mom

Saturday was a nice mellow day. Got my hair did. Love it. Took a nap. Needed it. Made some Mexican Shrimp cocktail, guacamole and ranch dip for a dinner at my husband’s Aunt’s house. We just love Aunt Bev and her daughter, Joni. They are always joyful. They are always happy to see us. And we have the most lovely times together. We are blessed.

And a special shout out to my hubby for driving me home so I could enjoy a couple glasses of champagne. Afterall I was his DD for 20 months when I was pregnant so…

Sunday was mellow. Hung out with my parents. Watched football. Looked at my new My Social Book, which I LOVE! Such a cool book, if you haven’t checked it out, you must go to their website RIGHT now.

We watched the Golden Globes and ate pizza for dinner. Highlight was Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt – what? Handsome much?

I know it every day, but especially today; how lucky I am. My parents live .6 miles from us and they enjoy seeing us almost daily. I couldn’t ask for better parents. They are unbelievably supportive and loving and smart. I could go on and on, but for real, I won the Parents PowerBall. No joke.

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