Day One: A Year in the Life of a Real Mom

I used to think my favorite holiday was Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, but now I’m thinking New Year’s Day is the ultimate holiday for me. 

Thanksgiving is wonderful. No presents, just food; prepared mainly by me. We get to watch football, which I love, but my favorite team never plays. Table is set by my kids. Meal is prepared by me. Clean up by me and my hubby. Turns out there is a whole lotta ME in Thanksgiving but not a lot of ME time.

Christmas is full of childhood wonderment, probably because they aren’t working full time jobs to buy the presents under the tree. Financial responsibilities, flu viruses and end of the year work requirements all tend to get in the way of my focus on the real beauty of the season. This year I even cancelled my annual Holiday Fiesta and sent out New Year’s cards but I still feel like I missed out on a lot of the merriment. There is just so much pressure on beautiful Christmas and it is starting to get to me.

Along comes New Year’s Day. I get to sleep in. My husband has the day off work. It doesn’t matter how we dress. Everyone is out running and enjoying the day, the new year. We eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. We watch an entire movie with our kids on the couch. My husband takes a nap. The girls get to buy something from the Ice Cream Truck that stops on our street. 

I make crockpot chili. My daughters make gluten free cornbread. Two of my best girlfriends come over for a glass, or two, or three of champagne. I send BFF home in an Uber and then I have champagne sex with my husband. If I remember correctly I may have even danced naked for a bit. Now that is a holiday.

Cheers to you and the New Year. Here’s hoping your January 1st was as wonderful as mine.

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