Time to Invest in Myself – The Story of Launching My Own Business

I’ve worked in every industry imaginable; marketing, restaurants, hotels, healthcare, recruiting. I even sold shoelaces at a mall kiosk when I was in my twenties. In my thirties I became a mama of two young girls and I was working from home in an Advertising Sales position. I thought I had it all…and then I was laid off. “Fantastic. Now what?”

I started searching for something that would give me time with my children as well as pay my bills. But I didn’t want to work in a cubicle and miss out on anything. Plus I was tired of working for other people and feeling like the floor could fall out from underneath me again – I wanted to be independent and self reliant. I realized it was time to invest in myself and take charge of my future. So I called my friend Elizabeth who is an Executive Consultant for Rodan + Fields and said – “Let’s do it, I’m ready.”
I was ready to open my own home business and make a living instead of a paycheck. I was eager to be a mom and an entrepreneur. I was ready to spend time with my family and take bike rides along the beach. I was ready to help my parents when they needed me. And I was ready to share this business and these amazing products. I was ready to do this and ready to change my life…and I’m just getting started!
To learn more about the Rodan + Fields business visit my website
To purchase our amazing product Shop Now!
Comment or email me with any questions. 
I’m here to help you look fabulous; your friends look fabulous and even help you start your own Rodan + Fields career. 

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