Online Driver’s Ed Course

$20 for Online Driver’s Ed Course and DMV Certificate of Completion – a $65 Value

Mama, do yourself and your kid a favor and grab today’s offer. My California Permit is here with an online driver’s ed course and step-by-step timeline that will guide you and your teen through the entire process of getting his or her driver’s license.
For just 20 bucks, your kid can benefit from the following:
  • A DMV-approved online driver’s ed course that includes quick and effective lessons (skip classroom boredom!)
  • Unlimited testing until he or she passes 
  • A DMV-recognized Driver’s Ed Certificate of Completion will be (DL 400C) will be mailed the same day your kid passes. This certification must be brought to the DMV so your child can take and pass the DMV test and receive their California Driving permit before starting Driving School
Simplify the potentially complicated and draining permit process with today’s offer. It’ll give your kid the proper foundation of driving knowledge needed to succeed! 

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